2017 Plans

Looking Ahead: 2017 Mini Reviews

Hey! Lauren Here! I’ve gone back and forth recently about whether or not I should keep blogging. I still haven’t made up my mind but since I’m still paying to host my blog, I figured I should use it.  I’m also still reading a lot and still getting books for review so I figure it’s only fair.  If you want to stay more up to date with me though, follow me over on my Instagram. I post multiple times a day and have been reviewing over there every now and then.As I said, I’m still getting books for review and since I don’t feel such an obligation to stick to a schedule, I’ve been able to read whatever I feel like.  Since I’ve already started in on my 2017 ARCs, I figured I’d share some of my thoughts so you guys can decide whether or not these should be on your TBR.


I knew I wasn’t going to be waiting on this one as soon as I got an ARC. I’m a huge fan of historical fiction so this one was always at the top of my TBR. Obviously this one is more fiction than history but it’s still amazing. The historical aspects add just enough to it that it’s a little more than your typical YA novel. While the history parts can be a little weighty at times, it’s definitely necessary to the story. It ended up being one of my favorite things about The Valiant.